Amazing how a piece of wood changes from found in the forest to years later transformed in a nice bathroom counter. Yes, cutting wood for construction is not anymore anything we should do in our over populated planet. So extra lucky we find a piece as this. Fallen in the year 2000 and laying in the back shed for 15 years in a shape looking pretty un-useful for anything and I bet anybody would have said, let it rot… as a collector of “garbage” as I grew up with my parent taught me still that there is nothing that cannot be useful for something. So a week ago I decided the bathroom sink in the TreeTop Studio has to be changed and found this piece sitting in the back of the shed and in one blink I knew this has the perfect shape of what it is for… locals could never tell me what type of wood it is as the carpenters were not happy working on this wood as hard as stone … so for many years to come our guests will be amazed by this masterpiece in transformation of the Cloud Forest.