Monteverde weather

Monteverde, over the last ten years, holds a stable climate. However, if you are looking at a yearly period it is slightly unpredictable, meaning that the “seasons” (rainy season, dry season, windy season, etc.) don’t necessarily arrive when expected. Looking at a... read more

Horsemen of Monteverde

If there is any culture really in Costa Rica then I would say it is the culture of horses and cattle ranching. Horses have been over the centuries not only the tool to work the cows, but also transportation and a way to show your status of wealth on Sundays on the... read more

Amazing change of wood

Amazing how a piece of wood changes from found in the forest to years later transformed in a nice bathroom counter. Yes, cutting wood for construction is not anymore anything we should do in our over populated planet. So extra lucky we find a piece as this. Fallen in... read more


On Sunday (October 11, 2015), three-and-a-half year old Arabian filly, Morgan Alazmim, takes her first steps with a saddle! Morgan has been part of the Smiling Horse family here in Monteverde since January, 2014. Since her arrival at the stable, we have worked with... read more