While a few years ago we had here in Monteverde, in the famous coffee region of high altitude coffee, nowhere to get some coffee after a meal, or just go have some dessert. Now, however, there are so many sprouting in the area that as a visitor it is difficult to choose which one to visit during a 2 day stay here. Most likely wherever you end up, you will be pleased with your choice, because the coffee is just great in Monteverde. The only one in town for a pit stop coffee is BESO ESPRESSO. Here you get the feel that you are in a busy italian little town and stop by for a quick espresso or any other coffee specialty. Then there are a few upscale coffee shops with very good quality desserts and lunches. One of them is Café Orchidias, suitable for 2 to 4 people at the time; if you are a small group or big family you might be better off at Choco café, who also has great homemade chocolates.
If you are staying in the area of town closer to the Monteverde Reserve, and don’t want to drive back to Santa Elena, your best choice of food and coffee is Stella’s bakery. This is the longest settled coffee shop in Monteverde’s Quaker area. Across the street from Stella’s is the Monteverde Coffee Shop, which opened recently and also has amazing coffee and pastries. Another upscale coffee shop in the Cloud Forest is Cabure. The best part here is the awesome terrace with beautiful views of the surrounding area. There are many more little coffee shops, either connected to the tour company you had an activity with, or simply small family run businesses. All of them are worthwhile visiting.