HORSEBACK RIDING TOURS in Monteverde Costa Rica

Horseback Riding Tours Monteverde

Horseback Riding Tours in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Our stable Smiling Horses was established here in Monteverde in 1999 and is well-known not only for the quality of our horses and the diversity of our horseback riding tours, but also for the special care we show all of our customers. We are a small family run horseback riding stable with carefully selected and very well cared for horses – a delight for any horse lover.

All our horseback riding tours leave from the Smiling Horse farm. Our farm is located 2 km below the village of Santa Elena (we are on google maps). We are constantly improving the quality of our services for our guests. Prior to beginning the ride, we provide a thorough briefing about horseback riding skills and safety in four languages. We provide helmets to all riders. Our local horseback tour guides are well-trained and have years of experience with us.

We can see toucans, toucanettes, motmots, bellbirds and parrots on a daily basis, not on command though, and every once in a while on the trail we see a sloth. We ride on campesino (local farmer) trails that offer excellent views of the Pacific Ocean and the Cloud Forest as well as the stunning local landscape passing coffee plantations and local cattle farm land.

We have been providing safe and enjoyable experiences for families and experienced horseback riders of all ages since 1999. We take pride in giving the visitors of Monteverde an unforgettable and exclusive experience on horseback, so if you are looking for the not worn out horse trek in the area of Monteverde and want to have a different view on horses you have found a stable you can trust.

If you are one of our former satisfied customers, we would like to encourage you to write about your experience and post it online, so future guests can find us and have the same enjoyable experience you had. Thank you for visiting and riding with us.


Our most popular tours are for you, if you just want to enjoy seeing the beautiful country site from a back of a horse, have a visit of the waterfalls and be lucky to see some wildlife while you are there. This tours are suitable for beginners as well as experienced riders. We are working with small number of horses, so make sure you have your reservation.


You are a horse owner or you are going riding often, we will have special Riding for you. Keep in mind that riding here in the mountains can be straining and the altitude and fresh air is making you faster tired. Let us know how many hours straight you are comfortable in the saddle and we make you a special offer.


Smiling Horses takes your kids on our ponies. Smiling Horses knows from experience that children are happy with ponies because of their size and characters.
Your children will get to help to get the pony ready and the parent will walk with the pony. There will be supervision and guidance along the tour. Children are on the trail for about 30 min.
The activity lasts about 1 hour.


Hour Horses are selected members to have a wide range for different level of experience for our riding guests. Keep the memories of your rides alive and come and visit them once in a while or remember who you were riding at Smiling Horses in Monteverde.

Best well-cared for horses in Monteverde Costa Rica...

... Sabine truly loves her horses and is most patient with us riders as well."

"Conversant in four languages (in addition to equine), Sabine will make sure you are comfortable on your horse, whether you’re a novice rider or an experienced cowboy. Her longstanding operation in Monteverde offers a variety of treks including a popular waterfall tour (three hours). And yes, the horses really really do smile.”

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