If there is any culture really in Costa Rica then I would say it is the culture of horses and cattle ranching. Horses have been over the centuries not only the tool to work the cows, but also transportation and a way to show your status of wealth on Sundays on the different horse events. Fast during the last 16 years this is fading away, since even farmers like to have big cars and work the ranches with quats. Yet, still some loners that kept their tradition as this man, Valentino our neighbor that had a need for a small horse at his age and one that goes fast enough by itself at his age of 84. Yes, he still goes around in town to sell fresh pressed sugar cane juice. The Smiling Horse “Angelica” had to adapt to her new life style. She had to learn how to work the squeezing sugar mill and needed to go out without her friend horses and take responsibility in carrying Valentino safely through town. Many of the visitors in Costa Rica like seeing the local horsemen and take pictures. I know this because I get my picture taken on the horse when I go riding all the time. Would be nice to not just take a picture, but actually take some “costa rican” quality time and have a chat with this man that is proud of what he is doing, that has helped throughout his entire life to keep Costa Ricas traditions until today. He is not only a picture to be taken, but also a human that carries culture and pride of this country. PURA VIDA !!! and have a nice Sunday.