Monteverde, over the last ten years, holds a stable climate. However, if you are looking at a yearly period it is slightly unpredictable, meaning that the “seasons” (rainy season, dry season, windy season, etc.) don’t necessarily arrive when expected. Looking at a daily weather report, we have a prediction and a forecast, which isn’t really reliable. Sometimes the day starts out with rain and gets sunny throughout the day, other days we are surprised by wind or too much sun all together. Fog moves magically in our region and like a switch it is there and with another switch, it is simply off again.
Our guests want to know how the weather will be in the “Monteverde Cloud Forest”. So what do we say? There is no way of telling, one can merely predict and speculate. Part of the beauty Costa Rica holds lies in the five drastically different climate zones that are located in this miniature country. We are a a small piece of land between North and South America; a small piece of land between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This leads to an island-like climate, meaning weather is unstable and can change in the blink of an eye. This also influences how Ticos (Costa Rican people) live: one day at a time, what will come, will come and we’ll have to meet it when it does: Pura Vida! That is one of the reasons why tourists love to come to Costa Rica. If you come with this attitude to visit Costa Rica, with pureness and simplicity, you will enjoy life and the weather as it comes and goes. Say PURA VIDA with us!