On Sunday (October 11, 2015), three-and-a-half year old Arabian filly, Morgan Alazmim, takes her first steps with a saddle!
Morgan has been part of the Smiling Horse family here in Monteverde since January, 2014. Since her arrival at the stable, we have worked with her to get accustomed to human contact; brushing, washing and petting her often, so being handled would be “normal” to her. Slowly we began putting saddle blankets on her, so she would get used to the feel.
Then, on September 19, 2015, we got Morgan her first set of shoes! She was slightly nervous, as is natural for a young horse, but she found comfort in the presence of the people she knew. The ferrier had plenty of patience and handled her with care, speaking to her in the process; the calm familiar voices helped her relax. The experience flowed as easy as can be, and with experience she will only improve!

Finally the day came for her first excursion. She was taken in the lead by Sabine. The stable hand came along on another horse for extra support, in case any was needed. Alessa, the stable’s Collie, and Tico, the German Sheppard,came along for this adventure. Morgan was familiar with them, and did not mind them at all although it was tough for her not to play with them as she does in the field. Everything went smoothly, every once in a while she hesitated, but got over it quickly upon realizing that she was safe and not alone. Puddles in the road, however, were not Morgan’s favorite thing today. But after a few of them, she got over them too!
Morgan Alazmim holds a future as bright as the sun, and one day hopefully she will even go on to endurance racing…